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Chairman Eric Huang initiated AFS with forging partners in October of 1997. He started his business as being a professional forging supplier to provide one-stop shopping service.

There were only three employees at first and the company was located in Songde Road. One year later, AFS moved to another apartment in Chongcing South Rd. The staff increased to 30 people at this moment. Eric declared buying his own office once AFS moved to the second location with the confidence from God. After five years (2003), AFS purchased its first own office in Taipei Silicon Valley building in Shindian City of Taipei county for a area of 450 tsubo.

Meanwhile, AFS opened its first branch in Taichung in 2001 to catch up with the growth of business. Now, our Taichung branch office has more than 20 people and is located in the 18F, No.239 in Ming-Chuang Road in Taichung.

As the growth of our company, Eric started with his our business without taking any customer from his previous employer. Eric started his first business with TRW Malaysia and then one aftermarket customer in Mexico, CCT for transmission in US. Today, our customers spread all of in five continents for both OEM and AM business.

On the other hand, AFS started by representing Taiwanese factories in US. For example, we successfully captured the order from General Motors for their first aluminum wheel sourced in Asia. The first shift fork ArvinMeritor sourced in Taiwan was also achieved with the help of AFS.

Name Education and Experience
  • Graduated from Master of Material Science, Cincinnati University.
  • Graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Professor, Director of Mechanical Engineering Department of National Defense University
  • Executive Director of Army Research Center. Responsible for development and manufacturing of Army tank
Geroge Lo
  • Vice President of Ensure Wheel.
  • President of Taoyuan Wheel Association
Ting-Bin Huang
  • Bachelor and Master of National Taiwan University of Technology
  • Ph.D of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University
  • Associate Engineer of Auto 21.
  • Associate Professor of Saint John University of Technology.
  • Researcher of Center of Chung-Shan Institute of. Science & Technology
  • Speaker and Lecturer of De Lin Institute of Technology
You-Min Huang
  • Ph.D of National Tokyo University
  • Professor of National Taiwan University of Technology. Specialized in Plasticity, Metal Forming, Manufacturing Process Analysis and Rapid Prototyping.
Richard Chen
  • Economy of Feng Chia University
  • Vice President of Procurement, Ford Lioho.
  • Chairman of Youthfountain
Pi Jan Wu
  • Lawyer of the state of New York
  • Associate Professor of Soochow University.
  • EMBA of National Taiwan University
  • Ph. D of New York University.
  • Lawyer of LCS PARTNERS
• To be the most professional global supplier for forgings, casting, and finished products for our  

– by developing a network of qualified manufacturing subcontracted sources
– by providing design drawing & specification translation – by providing on-site program management & QA
– by taking responsibility for raw material procurement, supplier financing, PPAP, shipping product, certification, and inventory management

  • AFS has sales representatives in 14 countries on 5 continents to provide small and medium sized auto metal parts manufacturers in Taiwan sales channels to customers globally.
  • AFS stock control and delivery system provides customers with just in time (JIT) delivery and warehouse service around the world.
  • AFS selects and qualifies helps to serve its customers’ needs. It helps suppliers understand buyers’ needs and specifications.
  • AFS Website provides information n its suppliers’ products.
  • AFS integrates the war material demands of its suppliers and purchases the raw material directly from material supplier. This lowers material costs and ensures a stable supply of material.
  • AFS provides One-Stop Shopping service to its customers through its integration of suppliers. Customers can buy low volume, large variety of parts from AFS.

AFS plays the central role of the supply chain. We cooperate with MIRDC for our technical support and also integrate with our suppliers in Asia to form a networking. Banking partners and professional logistics services enhance us to provide total solution and one stop shopping for you|.

Love with the love from God. We manage a family enterprise with the love from the God. We aimed to be a professional trading company. We endeavor the development of our sales channel. We will build an innovative Auto salon in Detroit to help more and more suppliers and capture more orders for them.
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