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WF Series

Home / Forging equipment / WF Series WF Series Warm hot forging press WF series is high-quality, high-efficiency warm hot forging press, which could be widely applied in automotive parts, hand tools, home appliance, medical equipment, motor parts and national defense industry. Featuring strength both from cold and hot forging production, this series not only reduce production cost by decreasing process stages, but also increase additional value of customer’s product.… Read More »WF Series

iLS1/DLS Series

Home / Forging equipment / iLS1/DLS Series iLS1/DLS Series Intelligent Link Drive Single Point Servo Press CNC servo motion presses, integrated conventional link drive presses and CNC servo drive system, is advanced with smart monitor system. Display up-to-date graphical stamping condition and informing abnormal signal in time, so as to reduce the time to die guide and defect rates of workpiece. Prevent workpiece accuracy from the influence of external environment,… Read More »iLS1/DLS Series