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Total Solution Service
During our design phase the solutions to your needs begin to take shape. Here we apply our learning about your project and work through exactly the physical characteristics and dimensions of your part.

Total Solution Service - Part Design

  • Finished Product:
  • CAD : Catia V5
    -Construction with an enveloppe or the packaging
  • FE Analysis
  • CAD : Catia V5
    -Catia GAS

Total Solution Service - Process Development

  • Foundry preform:
  • Development so that:
    -The part can be placed in the forging tool
    -We have enough strain
  • Validation with forging simulation (Forge 2008)

Total Solution Service - Process Development

  • Foundry preform:
  • Filling and feeding system
  • Validation with process simulation
  • (Magma)

Total Solution Service
-Advantages of Casted Forging

  • Better mechanical properties
  • weight reduction
  • Reduced inspection costs
  • The annihilation of internal defects enables better static mechanical properties

Engineering Service

  • More than 30 years of experience in metal forming and machining.
  • Expertise in customers’ specs, manufacturing process design, and cost control.
  • Engineering , FEA , Drawings/Spec translation and interpretation to secure high yield production.
  • Ability to do co-development R&D for cost saving or better performance.