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WF Series

Warm hot forging press

WF series is high-quality, high-efficiency warm hot forging press, which could be widely applied in automotive parts, hand tools, home appliance, medical equipment, motor parts and national defense industry. Featuring strength both from cold and hot forging production, this series not only reduce production cost by decreasing process stages, but also increase additional value of customer’s product.


  • Ultra rigid frame
  • High rigidity of forged alloy steel eccentric shaft
  • Slide eight point gib ensures forging precision
  • WFM-G models are all equipped with transmission gears, which are suitable for forging aluminum alloy, work piece.
  • Slide CAE structural analysis ensures high rigidity.


Stroke Length-mm175200250250
Strokes Per Minute-S.P.M.1009585608560
Die Height (S.D.A.U.)-mm505750850950
Bolster Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm770×840880×880900×8001100×1050
Slide Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm595×555695×635800×750900×880
Stroke Length-mm330300360420
Strokes Per Minute-S.P.M.7050484236
Die Height (S.D.A.U.)-mm80090012001600
Bolster Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm1250×11501450×14001750×16002200×1800
Slide Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm950×5501300×12001550×14501900×1800